Client Launcher failed with recent upgrade to 8

One of our clients is getting an error message whenever they try to launch.
On the client side:" Launch Error Occured, Downloading of launchclient.jar failed, Launching will not occur"
On the gateway side:"HttpChannel 29May2019 11:21:07 /system/launchbin/launchclient.jar {},


Windows 10 64 bit OS on client side. This is also just one client, all others worked without issue.

Hi @wschauer,

This could be due to a couple of different reasons. Could you set the logging level in the launcher to debug and re-attempt then upload the output? This should give us a better idea as to what is happening. The setting is available on the Title Bar of the launcher under the “settings” button

Jonathan C

So this is the log data. To get this we had to change the folder permissions from read only, and hidden in the “username/.ignition” folder. And then when we tried to open the client again it worked… Not sure why that would have had any effect as those are the default parameters on those folders but i figured id post this stuff anyway.

INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2019/05/29 13:31:00]: Local file checksum and server checksum do not match, launchclient.jar needs to be downloaded
INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2019/05/29 13:31:00]: Downloading “” (timeout=30)…
INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2019/05/29 13:31:00]: Starting download of 3650031 bytes
ERROR [LaunchUtil ] [2019/05/29 13:31:00]: Launch Error Occurred: Downloading of launchclient.jar failed, Launching will not occur

Since this is for the Designer I can create a new post if necessary but, I am experiencing a similar issue launching the Designer after upgrading to 8.0.3 Nightly.
I’ve deleted the .Ignition folder and redownloaded the Designer from my local instance.

As mentioned in a previous post I changed the logging level to Debug and this is what I get…

INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2019/06/18 10:05:57]: Downloading “” (timeout=30)…
INFO [GatewayCommUtil ] [2019/06/18 10:05:57]: Starting download of 3649465 bytes
ERROR [LaunchUtil ] [2019/06/18 10:05:57]: Launch Error Occurred: Downloading of launchclient.jar failed, Launching will not occur

Funny enough when I look in the .ignition folder I see this…

Also I can delete the launchclient.jar and then click the “Launch” button and it downloads the file.

Both the Gateway and my local Laptop are running linux and I’ve set premissions on the .ignition folder as…

Never mind… I found this…
TLDR = I’ll download the new nightly build

I have the same issue as @wschauer but his solution doesn’t work for me.


INFO  [GatewayCommUtil               ] [2019/11/06 09:10:50]: Downloading "" (timeout=30)...
INFO  [GatewayCommUtil               ] [2019/11/06 09:10:50]: Starting download of 3585615 bytes
ERROR [LaunchUtil                    ] [2019/11/06 09:10:52]: Launch Error Occurred: Downloading of launchclient.jar failed, Launching will not occur

change the setting Info to Debug export the .json file to existing still It shows Launch error occurred. Please help me out.

There are a few things to be sure of before launching will work:

  1. The Targeted gateway is of version 8.0 or higher
  2. The Targeted gateway is running
  3. The client can connect to the IP the gateway is running on
  4. You are using the latest Vision Client Launcher or Designer Launcher

If all of those things are true I would probably reach out to support if you are still getting this issue.

Jonathan C