Client Launcher Login Failed - Does not recognise user/password

I am trying to run my first vision client locally on my gateway server PC.

This is my first experience with Ignition, so maybe there is something very basic that I am missing.

I go to the home page of the gateway (localhost 8088)
From Home, I downloaded the Vision Client Launcher.
Then I Add an Application and launch it
When it opens the Login, I use ‘admin’ and ‘password’ but get ‘Login Failed’

Am I using the wrong user/password.
It is the default under Security>Users, Roles>default>manage Users.
In fact, I am using this combination for all authentication right now.

Did I miss something glaringly obvious or am I missing an important step somewhere way back in my original setup?

If you got this far, thank you for reading.

What sort of user source do you have? Internal, or database? Is the database running? Is the project you are trying to log into pointing to the correct user source? That would be under project propertiers.

I just got it.

Project Properties > General > Security Settings

Default User and User Source needed to be set to default.
They weren’t.


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