Client launcher not finding relevant address


I am in need of some help with the client launcher. I have a windows 8 computer that gets stuck at start up. The client launcher will always look for a address when the PC boots.

I have a static address and have disabled AIPA in the registry even though its not a DHCP address.

I have flushed the DNS cache and reset the adapter.

I only have one NIC on the PC and not sure why or where Ignition is getting a

Does anyone have a solution for something like this. I am running Ignition version 7.8.3 on the PC.


Addresses that begin with 169.* are fallback addresses given to a network adapter when DHCP fails – aka the “APIPA” address range. Something is wrong with your DHCP setup, most likely.

Had to disable Omron services for direct Ethernet connection to get rid of the 169.254 address and also set ArpRetryCount to 0 in the tcp/ip registry.

All seems to be fixed. :smiley: