Client Launchers List View Preference

I like the new “list” view in the Designer/Vision launchers. It works much better for us with a lot of entries. However, I’m finding there is no preference tied to it and it does not persist across launches… something in the works so we can save this view setting into the config json?

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Got a few users recently confused because project titles are cut off in the default view, maybe a super double secret option made it into the launchers to force list view as the default recently?



If you find it, please do share! IMNSHO If it’s going to have a hard-coded default, it should default to list view.

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It doesn’t currently persist, but I opened a ticket to persist the view selection so when you re-open any launcher or workstation the last view (card or list view) you had selected will be used.


And it has arrived in the nightly. Thank you!