Client launches minimized on Mac regardless of project settings?


I have a 7.9.6 project running on a brand new Mac Pro with the latest OSx and have an interesting issue - regardless of the client settings I select in the project configuration, the login screen always launches and immediately minimizes… Anyone ever seen this before? Ideas?

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A couple of us over here are seeing the same issue on macOS. We have filed a bug to figure out exactly what is going on, and fix it.

If you could provide some information on your system it may help us narrow down the issue:

  • What version of macOS are you currently on?
  • Do you have multiple monitors, or just the single laptop monitor?

Additionally if you’d like a temporary workaround to use before we resolve this issue you can disable “Start Maximized” in the Designer.

You can find this in the Project Properties under Launching.


The issue occurs regard less of what the client default launch settings are – I have tried all combinations. Concerning the version, I don’t have the PC in front of me but it is a brand new Mac Pro, not an iMac or Macbook, it’s the one that looks like a little jet engine – so it should be Sierra. We are running a single monitor. Let me know what you find out!


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I have the same problem occurring on my mac.

MacBook Pro (Early 2015)
Version 10.13.3
Java JDK 1.8.0_162
Ignition 7.9.6

Multiple monitors

Only noticed it starting in the last month or so from memory.


Have you guys figured this out? I have a customer that is experiencing the same issue and wanted to see if you had a fix.