Client Locking up

I have an issue with one of our plant ignition installs

Ignition Version 7.8.1 with OEE & SPC Running on Win Server 2008 R2 Java 8 Rel 40

Client OS Win 7 updated & Patched Monthly Running Java 8 Update 101

My issue is that after launching a client the client will eventually lock up and report gateway connection lost This may happen in 4 hours of launching or 12 hours or somewhere in between. There really is no sense of when it will happen. EDIT. After testing it seems to be related to having windows screen saver enabled.

When it does happen the whole PC is locked up and pretty much requires a reboot. EDIT: Mainly any widows service becomes non responsive along with anything that utilizes network services IE,Chrome,Lync,

Could this be a memory leak on the client side?

If i run a client locally on the GW all is fine.

Also I just updated java on the GW to 1.8 rel 101 and still same issue. Did not expect a fix as it seems it’s a client issue.

Any suggestions?



Have there been any suggestions? Did you fix the issue.

We just started having a similar issue at a client, I don’t have all the details regarding their setup yet, but was wondering if any resolution has been discovered?

This might be silly, but did you check the power settings to check if the hard disk or Ethernet adapter is being turned off after a period of inactivity?

Similar issue here.

But with Ignition Edge 7.9.3 running as server and client on Win 7 updated & patched this week and Java 8 Update 111.

Customer says that the client goes back to login screen after some time of inactivity!

Has anyone figured this out yet? Running into similar issues.