Client minimise

I’m using 7.7.2.rc1 and trying to figure out how to prevent the operator on a client machine from minimising or closing the application. I read on previous versions that there was a full screen exclusive mode, but his has been removed.
Any ideas would be appreciated.



Fullscreen mode has definitely not been taken away for 7.7. However, you do have to enable the mode within the Designer to be able to launch a client in fullscreen mode. Within the Designer, navigate to Project -> Properties to open the Project Properties window. Then navigate to Client -> Launching and check the ‘Full Screen’ button. Save your project. Navigate to the Gateway home page in a browser, and there should now be a dropdown next to the Launch button with the Full Screen option.

You can also launch a project in full screen mode by using the full screen URL for the project.

For example: localhost:8088/main/system/launc … oject.jnlp

Notice the “launchfs” part. fs=full screen

I just tested this in Ignition 7.7.2-rc1


Thanks for the info. For some reason the main configuration browser doesn’t show the project to enable me to launch it ( and select fs mode)! However typing in the URL did the trick.

Thanks again

Tom :thumb_right: