Client Mobile doesn't refresh template

Good morning,
in my project there are some templates (that I use as a button) which sometimes are not visible, or better are visible but not correctly.
This kind of problem is random, so with the same client version in one browser (ex. Mozilla) templates are corrupt but in another browser (ex. Chrome) their appearance are nice.
I tried also with Chrome’s private surfing (where cookies are not use) and here every time templates are nice without refresh problem.

So, my questions are:

  • There is someone else that have note the same problems?
  • Can be a cookies problem?
  • Project is manage from two programmer, can be a problem caused of multi-publishing from different station?
  • I already tried to clear cookies, but problem persists. There are special settings to set in browser?

Below you can see a screenshot about problem.

First, try a complete refresh (CTRL+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+R). This will remove the cached data and fetch the resources from the server again. As long as you’re developing, it’s better to always do a complete refresh to guarantee you’re working with the latest resources.

If that doesn’t work, try opening the network diagnosis in your browser.

F.e. in Firefox, activate the developer toolbar, open it, and go to the network tab.

This will show for every resource where it’s coming from, whether it’s cached or not, how long it took to load, what response was received from the server, … It should at least help with diagnosing your problem

That tag overlay is indicating a problem within the project - it has nothing to do with browser scoped resources. Ignition mobile projects run on a dedicated JVM instance on the gateway server. If you enable the menubar in your project, you can open the Help → Diagnostics menu, then head to the ‘Console’ tab. This may indicate whatever the error is with the template.

Sorry for my late answer, but during this months I tried a lot of attempts. All of them like browser refresh (CTRL+F5) or monitoring of Designer’s Console are not the solution.
The only action which sometimes solve the problem is the below.

  • Open templates with the problem in Designer
  • Close and save templates page without apply changes
  • Publish project

This way I think is not the really solution, but onestly I do not know what else can I try to do, to solve this mistake.
Any ideas?