Client over VPN is Slow

Hi all,

I’m having some serious performance issues with trying to launch a client on a VPN. The client app loads fine, screen navigation is fine but when navigating to a new screen the tag values take forever to update usually a couple will update within a second or two then the rest of the tags will start updating over the next 30 secs. In the mean time they just have the unknown data quality overlay.

The internet connection speeds at all locations are > 5Mbs so that shouldn’t be an issue (I remote desk top to the Ignition server 200 miles away all the time and it’s like I am working on my local machine.)

The client location is firewalled with virus scanning at the firewall.

Anyone have any insights or suggestions for improving performance?



Have you done any network analysis from the client? I’d start with a tracert from that client back to the server, maybe an obvious slow hop is interfering. Or perhaps some sort of http filtering router is intercepting the traffic and slowing things down?