Client over VPN

Hi, V7.9.9, the client over vpn connect to the Server, I can open the web of gateway on client ,but can't download the currect client application, so i should check what?

It won't let you download, or the download is wrong?

First, make sure you aren't trying to launch with a JNLP. You must download the native client launcher. With that old of Ignition, I believe you will also need to make sure the client machine have java8 installed, nothing else. (IIRC, Ignition v7.9.10 is where the launcher started offering an included JRE.)

{ You really should upgrade, at least to the last released v7.9. }

Also, in 7.9, clients download resources over both the HTTP and HTTPS ports configured, so your VPN will need to have both accessible.

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I have install java8, but launch with a JNLP.

Yes, i will check this.

Don't. It cannot be trusted, and won't work when you upgrade.

It can't run

We are not mind readers. This statement tells us nothing that we can use to help you. What actually happens? Error messages of some kind?

Be detailed when you describe exactly what you have tried, what conditions you are trying it with (Operating System, exact java version, browsers, etc.), and what actually happens. Screen shots if you must, detailed cut-and-paste of error messages are ideal. (Use the "preformatted text" button on any pasted plain text errors.)