Client PC CPU High

Hi, my server PC: windows server 2016 , 64G , Igniton v7.9.9 , jre-8u-181, SQL Server 2012
client PC : windows 7, 16G, jre-8u-181 . JAVA : G1GC
Sometimes, on the client computer, all the data becomes red color, the mouse click screen has no reflection, This happened yesterday morning。

thread_dump.txt (77.2 KB)

The red part of this picture is the time period when the error occurred。

That usually means there’s an infinite loop buried in your client scripting somewhere (can be recursion with bindings instead of explicit) or a sleep() operation in the foreground. The foreground hangup can eventually break the gateway connection. When (if) it recovers, the connection is re-created, as shown in your gateway logs.

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Thank you. There are some tag change events, and gateway timer scripts. How to know from the gateway log file

You can’t tell from the gateway log file. High Client CPU from these sorts of problems can only be debugged at the client (or in the designer). First, look for any windows or operator actions that are prone to triggering the broken UI. Instrument the scripting on those windows first.