Client problem

Hello, I have this problem:

  1. The switch user is very slowly, in my application i have used the openpage and the swap page. This application has 60 pages and where the pages are allocated in RAM memory used 2240MB. In this case is impossible to switch user because after 10 minutes i have closed from task manager.

  2. If use the swap page function the switch user login time is 5-10 seconds but the change page result 5-10 seconds (for the customer is inadmissible).

There are another method or procedure for speed up the open page and switch user?

PS. I tried to close all pages before switch user but after the problem is the opening of the first time the page
(for the customer is inadmissible).

Help me


This typically means you have such complex screens and bindings that the single thread responsible for drawing the screen can’t keep up with all of the open screens. The expressions and other bindings are still running on the hidden screens. There’s a few things to look at:
Make sure you allow screen caching. This holds a closed screen in memory to quickly re-open it, but doesn’t run its bindings.
Audit your tags and scan classes to make sure you are only updating tags at a reasonable pace for the use you’re putting them to. Slowing down some scan classes or segregating tags into fast, slow, and/or leased classes can substantially reduce GUI redraws.
If you have scripts or complex queries running often in bindings, move them to asynchronous threads. Use something like assignLater() in send the result from the background to the intended property. This minimizes CPU usage in the GUI thread and is very helpful on clients with multi-core processors.
If you have multiple windows that look mostly alike but use different tags for the values, simplify to a single window that uses indirect bindings. All of those windows then become just one, which can quickly shift from one view to another by changing a tag path. It has the added benefit of dropping tag update traffic for what would have been open but hidden windows.
If you absolutely cannot simplify the bindings, look for a faster CPU in the client computer.

You are certainly using a lot of memory for your client application. All of Phil’s suggestions are very good. I would suggest not using open window and use swap instead. You need to make sure you are closing the window you were previously on. There is no reason to have it remain open using valuable client resources when its not needed.