Client Progress in Scripting Function

I'm currently making a module that utilizes Amazon S3 as a way to keep our projects, tags, tag groups, modules, images, and other resources synced between 10+ gateways. It's basically an opinionated version control system for Ignition. I implemented a toolbar in Designer to allow admins to apply these updates and utilized the ClientProgressManager/ProgressListener functions to provide feedback to the user. It works great and is perfectly suited for what I'm looking for since the updates can take 1+ minutes.


I also exposed the update function in the gateway to the ScriptManager to allow for the system to be updated from the "admin page" of a running Vision client. I wanted to do this to make it easy for my company to perform these updates without having to go into Designer.

Is there a preferred way of providing feedback on the progress of a task to a user within the Scripting interface in a fashion similar to how it works for Designer?

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for. ClientProgressManager should work for both client and designer.