CLient reconnect dialog not disappearing after reconnect


i have a little problem with a client and a bad netwotk connection. The client randomly looses connection to the gateway and tries to reconnect. The reconnect succeeds, but the reconnect dialog does not disappear. The client is running normally in the background of the dialog.
Only way to restart is clicking ‘Logout’ and restart the client. The client runs on a wall mounted panel, so i always have to connect via VNC to do this.

Ignition version is 7.6.4, the project uses auto login (sorry for the german language screenshot).


Can you try upgrading to 7.6.6 and see if this behavior persists?

You’re not the first to report this, 7.6.6 has some changes that may have fixed it. I’m not entirely sure, because we can’t reproduce this behavior in house. :scratch: