Client role wildcard

Is there any secret wildcard I can’t find in the docs that can be used when setting a projects required client roles?
e.g. ‘SomeStaticRolePrefix_%’

For the Project roles, I don’t think a wild card is possible AFAIK. I have always put the list of roles in a CSV list in that field.

You mean the comma seprated textfield? Or am I missing some other way of setting the project roles?


That is where I wanted to put wildcards in the first place :slight_smile:

For client zones and roles we do a case-insensitive check of the entire role – wild cards aren’t possible.

No worries, changed the user source to a database and I now manage the roles from there. A view is managing the wildcards using a role/project based system where assigning a user to a role within a project (Also a db table) also grants a generated role for the user prefixed with “__” e.g. granting a user the role “SomeRole” within project “ProjectName” also grants the role “__ProjectName” to the user.

Now the client roles is limited to “AutoLogin, __ProjectName”

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