Client Screen Locked Popup

I'm trying to figure out why I keep getting the "Screen Locked - This screen has been locked by " popup in my client:


I do not have Inactivity Enabled in my Project Properties and I've searched everywhere in the Forum and throughout my Gateway. Can someone guide me to where I can disable this or at least increase the timer b/c it is constantly locking up my client as I'm developing the project. I apologize if this is something simple - I'm still getting the hang of Ignition. Thank you in advance!

what's egan1 ?

The Username

Is there something special Egan1 was doing when this happen ?

disclaimer: I've never used vision and never seen this popup, I'm just trying to think about what I'd throw my eyeballs at if I were in your situation.

No, the client is sitting dormant while I'm developing at the same time. As I save changes, the Client is refreshing and updating, but then it locks up all of a sudden. Not sure what causes it. Maybe too many changes on my side? Or Property change?

Does this look like it could help ?

edit: actually this looks like it's related to an inactivity timer which you said you don't have. But maybe it's something else ?
Do you need to relog afterward ?
Are you doing anything with access rights when developing ?

YES! That was it. Thank you so much! I didn't add it, but the Project Template I used must have had it. How infuriating! Thanks again!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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