Client screens specific to certain IP address

I’m trying to display specific screens (windows) on certain client monitors based on their specific IP address. The main motivators for this are: area specific interests and power cycles.

Would the best solution to this be a Client Startup Script like:
If IP address = x.y.z.a, then windows = a,b, &c

Or is there some pseudo gateway to client push utility out there that I’m not aware of?

No, within Vision the generally accepted practice is to use client startup scripts and the System/Client tags for this purpose.


Would there be a code example that i could reference for some assistance to the above needs?
Is the closest I can readily find; there’s probably some some examples on the forums if you search for ‘hostname’.

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Consider using a dataset to store this info. Then you can store all your client startup window config in there such as Windows to launch, screen to launch them on (for multi monitor), potentially a dictionary of params to pass (i would store as a string representation of a dictionary and use the ast library function ast.literal_eval to convert the string representation to a dictionary object), etc. For each client you want to customise. Launch a default config if the client isn’t listed in the dataset