Client/server document and for push to Edge terminals

I have recently started toying with some edge clients in place of A-B Panelview terminals and one of the things that came up with the new system was to display some data from our main ignition server. The items that were requested are a report generated by the main ignition server as well as a word and excel document that are retrieved by the main ignition server. These are essentially our specifications that our operators build parts by. Our management would like the operator to basically pull up all the documents that he/she would need to do their job.

The key is that all of these documents are currently accessible via a standard ignition client from our main server, but I do not know how to display them at the edge. So, basically, is there a way to “push” a report to an edge client that would not be persistent due to document control concerns? My goal would be to have a push button to pull up each of these 3 documents.