Client Standby / RS232 Com1 Output

I need to send a code over Serial RS232 out of the Client PC. The PC monitor is a large LCD and the customer would like to shut these down at certain times via Ignition. The command I need to send is “POWR___0” where the underscores are spaces. It’s a command to put the monitor into Standby mode. The command “POWR___1” will wake the monitor back up.

  1. Does Ignition have a way to control the Standby features of the monitor (control VGA)?
  2. If no to #1, how do I send a string over RS232 to the Serial Com Port?

Thank you.

I think the answer is really a no on both fronts - we certainly can’t tap directly into the OS’es power management stuff, and we also don’t have access to the serial port.

What about executing some external command via the system.util.execute function?

Thank you - that system.util.execute might actually work. All I need to do is open Hyperterminal and send a 8 character command.

Any assistance in the syntax on how to do that would be very appreciated.

system.util.execute([“hypertrm”, “/open”, “/baud:19200”, "/port:com1, “/parity:none”, “/data:8”, “/stop:1”, “POWR0000\r”])