Client startup message

Hi All

is there a way to replace the “login failed” message when a user that is not a member of the “required client roles” logs ?
for example, show a message box “You are not allowed to login because not an operator” and abort the login process ?

thanks and regards

I’m not sure if that particular option is available. But you should be able to create a client startup script to check if the user has a role, and then display a message box and then log out.

I agree with grietveld above. One other way to do this would be a little more in depth but would give you the customization your looking for, see below.

  • Create a second project on the gateway and call it “login” or something similar
  • Set project properties to auto login.
  • Create a individual Main screen in the new project for your login screen
  • On login screen “login” button, check user/password to insure role and permission, if user permitted swap to your main project and supply user name and password, if not permitted handle it as you want.
  • In main screen set project properties to auto login
  • Create client script to run at project open to accept user and password passed in from Login Project to swap the user in as correct user

Thanks guys…I’ll give it go !

We also use this practice, sometimes it’s hard to get it right (as there are many ways to log out and drop you back to the original login screen), but designing a separate login screen works for us.

However, it is not recommended by the IA team.