Client subscription proxy got a tag change event warning

Why is our gateway console filled with the follow warning message?

we are currently running 7.4.3

Thank you,


Did it happen for a little bit and then stop, or keep going? A “ClientSubscriptionProxy” is created to transfer values from subscribed tags from the gateway to the client or designer. When the client/designer closes or gets disconnected, it’s possible this message will occur if value changes happen before the session cleanup. However, if it keeps happening continuously, there may be some sort of bookkeeping error occurring (we’ve had previous problems with this, but 7.4.3 should be fine, as far as we know).


it is still going. it seems to be about less than every second it updates with many of the same exact message.

it is still logging in the console right now. should i restart the gateway service?

Yes, try restarting the gateway and see if you still get these errors.