Client Tag Binding to Pop-up Calendar Date property


I have a problem where I would like to use the same time selection values throughout multiple tabs. In Ignition 7.9 I was able to do so by binding the Date property to a DateTime type client tag. In Ignition 8.0 however I am running into the problem that once I initialize the value to be today on client start-up, it does not write the value to the pop-up calendar. Could this be some sort of a format problem? I tried to use both the java.util.Calendar and built-in methods.

Here is my initclient script which is ran as a client startup script:

After recreating the same functionality, it looks like you just need to remove the ‘project.’ when calling project scripts in 8.0 since there aren’t any shared scripts anymore. After I made that change, the popup calendars showed the expected dates.

After removing ‘project.’ from the client script I get the following error.


That’s odd…

From what the documentation says, as long as the script and method are defined, they should just be able to be called by the “scriptName.methodName()”.

Is this an inherited project?

Well it’s parent project is global by default and I upgraded from Ig7.9, so there might be a connection there. But as I look into the global project, there are only shared scripts and shared templates, none of which are used for this functionality.

EDIT - I am also able to run it from my script console.

EDIT2 - OMG! I found the problem, I had the Date bound to the wrong tag, the solution was right under my nose… :man_facepalming: The weird thing regarding the script path still remains.

Oh good! Those are sometimes the hardest issues to resolve!

I’m thinking it has to do with the upgrade. So what does the structure of your scripts look like? Do you still have shared scripts in the project browser in the global section? Or did they get moved under scripting? Do you have a folder called “project” in your project library now?

(Sorry about all the follow-up questions! Just curious at this point)

This is how it looks like:


I think it answers all of your questions and I think that the upgrade actually created the project folder, yes, to keep the old script call-out system.