Client Tag Change Script - Current Value

In a client tag change script, since you can specify multiple tags, how do I access the value of the changed tag? (in this instance, I only have one tag triggering the event).

Do I have to manually read the tag or is there a currentValue that I can read?

You get essentially the same objects in the script context that you get for a gateway tag change event (project, not on the tag).

Use dir() in your event script if in doubt.

Since I only have the one tag it looks like newValue.getValue() or event.getCurrentValue() would be what I'm looking for.

In the case with multiple tags, one would have to check the tag path via event.getTagPath() if things are conditional based on the tag. However, in that case it may just be easier to use 2 different tag change scripts and a shared script in the project library... but I digress.