Client tag for the specific session?

I have a window where a user can sendMessage to the gateway to start a long process, which upon finishing sends a message back to the client message handler to alert the user it is finished. Now, I have a user who likes to use multiple instances of the client - up to 6, and just testing, all 6 screens get the little popup informing him the process is done. I figure this is because I am using the user= argument when the gateway process is complete to inform the client.

It seems like I should want to use the clientSessionId= argument instead. However, I don’t see a client tag that corresponds to the session ID. Is there a built in way to get the session id that I can pass onto the gateway message handler so that only the client that started the process gets the message back? Or is this a client tag I have to build and manage myself?

I think you want system.util.getClientId().

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thats only for vision i think

system.util.getSessionInfo() has a clientId's tho, but its in a list of all the sessions

Yes, it’s only for Vision. Perspective has its own version.

He mentioned client tags though, so I assume this is Vision he is asking about.

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Correct, it was for vision, and this solved my problem.

What is the version for perspective?
I only find the getSessionInfo but it return a list of all active sessions, not the current one.

You can get all the session infos using system.perspective.getSessionInfo or you can get the id of the running session out of the Session Properties directly.

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