Client Tag Values Change in Developer Affecting Clients


I was under the impression that since 7.1.6? or thereabouts changes had been made so that the VALUES set in the development environment to vision client tags did not get sent out to the vision clients when saving and pushing the project out.

New client tags should get set to the value the one time they are added, but after that the vision clients should have their own copy of the values which should not be affected by doing the save from the development environment..

I'm on 8.1.33 right now and I'm seeing client tags on my vision clients being overridden by the values that are presently in my designer when I do a save.
This is causing some problems.

Please let me know if there is a flag in the project settings that I'm missing.

I thought I'd ask here before opening a case with IA.

Thank you,
Bill S.

The rules, as far as I know, haven't intentionally changed since this post:

If you're seeing something different, I would definitely make an "official" case with support for proper investigation.

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