Client Tag vs Custom Property

A vision window has several buttons that control visibility of several other objects. When one of the buttons is pressed; objects associated with the functionality of that button become visible and other objects are hidden.

Would using a custom property to control visibility execute faster than using a client tag? The button writes a value to the custom property/client tag, the objects’ visibility is determined by the value of the custom property / client tag.


What determines which you use is (in part) based on how permanent your values need to be. If you need your values to persist across page changes, use client tags. If you don’t, then you can use custom properties.
Speed is more or less inconsequential, they’re both super fast

So a Vision object's custom properties are valid for the current client only or basically temp client tags, closing the window deletes the values.

I'm using some custom properties of a TABLE object to pass values to other objects in the same window.
On closing the TABLE properties are cleared....not used by another client....correct?

Both custom properties on windows and components, and client tags, are local the the client. Not shared with the gateway nor with other clients. Client tags are shared with all windows in the current client.