Client tags - Ignition 7.9

Hi everyone!
I am having troubles with Client Tags in Ignition 7.9.
I am using a designer and a client instance in a virtual machine through a plant’s VPN.
Well, I created some date’s Client Tags to change them with a calendar.
Ok, I published the changes and I could change the date from the client, and thus, the Client Tag value.
The trouble is that in plant can’t change this date with the calendar.

I checked all kind of permissions (there is no one on tags’ write) and I also checked that tags’ instance be correct.
Could any of you help me?
I apologize in advance for my terrible English.
Thanks a lot.

Are you using a binding for the calendar component? You might double check that you’re using the right property and that you’ve set Bidirectional so that the write to the client tag can propagate.

Hi, Kevin! Thanks for the quick answer.
Yes, I am using bidirectional bindings, but this isn’t my trouble. I will try to explain better to myself: I can write to that Client Tag from the designer and from my Ignition client instance in my virtual machine, but all the other client’s instances in other PCs can’t.
I can’t see where’s my mistake.

The whole point of client tags is that they are unique per client. Any given client or designer cannot write to any other client’s client tags. Is that what you are trying to do?

If not, please open the diagnostics on those non-working clients and look for error messages in the console (and/or logged messages).

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Hello everyone.
Well, the problem was as simple as the user not knowing how to use the calendar. So, they never wrote the Client Tags.
I am very sorry about your waste of time.
Regards and thank you very much.