Client Timer Script vs Timer component - Ignition Edge

I have a repetitive task that needs to execute every second to repopulate some tables on a screen. In order to prevent bogging down the UI, I would normally execute this on the gateway and write the values to a dataset tag which I would then copy to the tables. However, since Edge does not allow gateway scripts I am considering using either a timer component or a client timer script.

Does the timer component run on its own thread?

Which would be a better choice for this application (Timer component or client timer script)?

Just curious, but why do you need to run this scrip every second. Can you not run it when a certain event occurs?

Neither runs on its own thread, I believe. I would use a timer event script, which would invokeAsynchronous, which would then write the results to a client tag.

Hard to explain in a short response … but it is because that the table cells are not always populated from the same location/tag (they can also grow/shrink). They are populated from a dataset which is made from scanning the tags that are present in a particular udt.

Great. I go with that. Thank you!