Client unable to connect

actually nothing could connect.

Ignition 7.2.9 on Windows XP
remote customer site with no internet.
I was unable to connect to the gateway from a browser. Most of the time. I think I restarted the service but I made no difference. The client would not launch. The error I kept seeing was some sort of socket error.

I copied the entire ignition direction directory, then rebooted, then everything worked.

Would you like the (zipped) directory?

Sure, if you want to email it to . Just put in the email a reference to this post.

Zip file is several megs in size. Can I get a number to upload it instead?

Post to ticket 7679




Sending you an email

Turns out there was a 3rd party utility that was misbehaving and not closing sockets on a failed connection attempt. After a while there were no more sockets left in the system to open, for anyone.