Client vision timezone update problem

Hello everyone,

We are using an Ignition 7.9.18 gateway installed on board a ship.
During sailling, the timezone changes continuously according to the position of the ship. The timezone chnage can occur even 3 times a week.
The ship is equipped with an ntp server to which the gateway is connected.
Under the Project Properties, the Timezone Behavior is set to Client Timezone.

The problem is that when the timezone changes the OS time is updated correctly but not the client vision time ([System]Client/System/CurrentDateTime).

But when the client is restarted, the client vision time will be updated according the new OS time.
Restarting the vision each time is not very convenient for the user.

We are looking for help in finding a solution using a script to push client timezone update or configuring missing parameter or any other suitable method.

I haven't done this, but you should be able to directly set the Vision Client's java runtime's default timezone on the fly, with immediate effect, using java.util.TimeZone.setDefault().

I fixed the problem. The idea was creating a Client Event Script that allow :

  1. getting the OS Timezone using the cmd command tzutil /g
  2. convert the Os Timezone ID to Java Timezone ID
  3. updating Timezone java using java.util.TimeZone.setDefault()