Client will not launch


Some of our users are having issues launching the client. They will launch the jnlp file, and it brings up the java screen as if the java web start is launching, but nothing happens. The java screen disappears and our client never fully launches.

It works fine on my computer, and it doesn’t on others.

One coincidental thing that did happen: our IT department updated their websense web filtering server. Since that updating occurred some clients are not opening properly.

I’ve brought the issue to their attention and they point the finger at ignition/java.

We’ve installed the latest java client, whether 32 bit or 64 bit (for the appropriate windows software), tried uninstalling old versions and installing new ones, nothing seems to work. Some work fine, others dont. :-/

Any ideas are welcome and appreciated. Thank you.


Can they launch using the native client launcher? Java web start was always a finicky beast.

If using the NCL works for these instances, here is a thread with a few ideas for deployment.

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Hi Yes the native client launcher does work. I’ll try your suggestions, thank you.