Client won't start

One of my users has a new laptop with JAVA 8 181. When he tries to start a project, you see the splash screen pop for a moment then disappear. The Ignition servers are setup in the JAVA security exceptions and not blocked by Chrome or IE. Does anyone have any suggestions?


What version of Ignition is this? Are you launching with WebStart or the Client Launcher? (sounds like WS… if so you should able to enable the logging and show console somewhere in control panel Java settings)

We’re using web start on version 7.9.6

Okay, try to enable that logging console and then launch again and post the logs here.

You can also try using the Client Launcher and see if that works.

Check to see if you are running 32 bit java. Also check the max client memory.

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Got it. I think it was the 32bit version of JAVA. I installed that and reassociated the JNLP extension with the JAVA web launcher and it started working. Thanks for the assistance.