Client wont start

Hello experts,

I have a client with a laptop where Ingition won’t start.
I’ve got Ignition to work on other PC’s but it doesn’t seem to run on this one.

I installed the latest version of Java.
I added the IP adress of the gateway to the security tab of java.

The designer opens fine but when launching a project we get the popup of Java oracle starting.
But after it loads the popup disappears and Ignition isn’t started.

Any ideas?


This is pretty vague… What version are you using? If it’s 8.x, when you say “the designer opens fine” do you mean the Designer Launcher? If its 7.9, are you launching with the Native Client Launcher or JNLP?

Version: 7.9.6 (b2018012914)

With the designer I mean when you click on “Launch designer” in the top right corner.
We use the client after u click on “Launch” on the project.
It downloads the project as a .JNPL file.

After opening that one it gets the java load screen but doesn’t start Ignition.

What version of java do you have installed on this machine? do you get an error or err log file in your user directory under .ignition/clientlauncher-data? (.ignition is a hidden folder)

I currently don’t have the laptop with me. (9pm here :slight_smile: )
I might be able to check this week when I’m at the client again.
We installed the latest version of java using;