Clients Going Dormant


I have been using Ignition for about 6 months now and ran into an issue where I am stuck. I recently upgraded my remote server from “Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard” to “Microsoft Windows 2016 Standard” that runs our gateway. Now, before I upgraded it all my clients worked and didn’t go dormant in the middle of running, but ever since I upgraded now at least 75% go dormant through the day and night.

This issue is somewhat critical because we use Ignition throughout our plant and so now we cannot track data efficiently. We have about 150 clients running @ 25-50mb. Our database server is fine when these run because I have a scan class for about 4 queries that fire at different times for utilization purposes. On the server we were running directly to a static ip on our clients, but changed it to a hostname that points to our gateway.

I don’t know if this is a server problem (thats my guess) or an Ignition problem. Like I said before we switched servers everything ran.

In a nutshell the difference between our last server and this server is that:

  1. We changed the VLAN it was running on
  2. changed the clients going to gateway from a static ip to a hostname
  3. migrated servers (2008-2016)

If someone could help or have suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.