Clients Locking up

Version 7.5.8 with OEE and SPC Loaded.

I have two TV screens with windows 7 PC’s attached running client sessions. For some reason after a day or so the clients will lock up and not update the screen. Where should i look for some direction on solving this issue?



I would first update to the most recent release of Ignition 7.5.9. Also, what is the Java version you are using? Is it just the client runtime Java application that is locking up or is it the entire computer?

There are a lot of variables that we can look at, such as the amount of memory the clients are configured to use, how much available memory is on the clients, are there trends on the client, how much data is the trend returning.

There is a diagnostics window you can start under the help menu in the client. This may provide some additional information.

I don’t know what i was thinking on the previous post. We are running Version 7.6.5. We recently bought two windows 7 based HMI’s as well running 22" ELO touch screens. Theses new HMI’s have the same problem. About after a day of operation the Clients Lock up.

I can’t get any information from the client as none of the controls will work causing me to kill the process via windows. Is there a wrapper log file stored on the client to view.

every time this happens I go back to the console on the gateway and there does not seem to be any related errors or warnings.

The Gateway is at Java 7.21

And the clients are @ Java 7.60


If the clients are locking up it sounds like they may be running out of memory. You can run the diagnostics window and see the performance of the running client. I would suggest updating Ignition to 7.6.6. The reason I suggest this is because there was an issue with the 7.6.5 release and it was taken down from our downloads page the day it went up.

How much memory are the clients configured to use? This is setup in the project properties within the designer. If you are still using the default memory values, 256mb, I think, I would bump that up to 512mb and see if the conditions improve.