Clock Drift Detector

I have a small annoyance, I am getting several ClockDriftDetector warnings every day. Since I doubt the system is detecting a pause-the-world event I suspect it has something to do with degrade performance. This confuses me slightly because the server never exceeds 20% CPU and typically always hovers <5% CPU usage. :scratch:

Any ideas what would be causing this?

The most common case is that you’re running in a VM and it’s either under-provisioned or is suffering from poor time keeping. Second to that is the occasional longer than normal garbage collection by the JVM, followed by actual changes to the system clock in third.

It’s just a warning that something might be amiss. You can try to fix it or you can ignore if it’s only happening a few times a day and you don’t seem to be seeing any other side effects.

Thanks for the quick response! Number one seems the most likely. But wouldn’t a system running less than 20% have enough resources provisioned to it? The system has been setup and running successfully in a virtulized enviroment for almost a year and just recently started throwing those errors. I will look into the system provisioning and verify it has enough resources.

How would one monitor JVM garbage collection?

This message, which isn’t an error, is fairly new, so it’s probably just happening now due to an upgrade. Again, it’s more of a status message than an error, but can indicate the cause of some other issues that tend to pop up.

It can also simply be caused by the clock synchronization system for you VM host. There are some good best-practice white papers for time synchronization for each of the VM brands, so you might take a look for your case. Sometimes, if you can get it to sync more often, you can avoid these messages.


Yea error was the wrong word.

Currently there are NO problems with the system and in fact the system has been running flawlessly for almost a year now! I was just trying to understand the warning message to head off any potential problems.

I will look into time synchronization for my VMware system.

Thanks much to the both of you for the information! :prayer: