Clock Drift on Azure Ubuntu VM

Ignition 7.9.3 just installed on Ubuntu Azure VM, trial license.

CPU and memory usage is very minimal (close to 0), only one project set up, no tags created yet, no database activity, etc. Server CPU and memory usage is also minimal (close to 0).

About 12 hours after installation there were about 50 Clock Drift warnings over a 15 minute period.

24 hours later the same thing happened.

This flurry of Clock Drift warnings occurs periodically ever few hours now.

The actual deviation cycles between positive and negative values for subsequent warnings. For example, if the first warning is -1400, the next one will be 1400, then -1400, and so on.

Any ideas?

Sounds like either A: the VM is being paused by the host operating system or B: the guest is trying to synchronize with a network time provider and failing.

I don’t think it is A, the time between Clock Drift events is small. The Drift error is typically between 1.2 and 2.0 seconds.

Do you have any suggestions on where I should look for B?

A bit more information…

The clock drift error increases with time. It started at just over 1 second and has gradually increased with each error to now over 5 seconds.

Any more ideas?