Close docked window from other page

Hi Team,

I have two pages with separate url in the Perspective.

page1 or url1 consists of separate header ,footer and table component.

Page2 or url2 also having separate header, footer and table componet.

I want to navigate from page1 to page2 and vice versa using button.
When click on the button1 of page1 header at that time the selectedrow and selectedcolumn of table2 should be deselected. When the value of selected row and column is null footer2 docked window should be closed.

The above scenario i want to do for both pages.

This is unclear. Can you rewrite it?

I see you rewrote the initial post a bit, but it's still confusing.

Is the issue with navigation ?
Is it with docks ?
Is it with tables and row/column selection ?

If I try to put everything together and fill the banks myself, what I understand is:

  • Selecting thing from the table change what's displayed in the footer
  • You want to close that footer when there's no selection in the table

I'm not sure what the navigation has to do with it. I think you have a button in the header that navigates to the other page, but it's unclear what the problem is.

Yes, I want to close the footer docked window when nothing is selected in table and it should be Open when row is selected in table.

If that's all you want...
You could put a change script on the table's selection properties, check if null, and then use system.perspective.closeDock or system.perspective.openDock appropriately.