Close popup window

I have configured ignition to show a popup window when the value of a tag is > than a value… now…on this popup I have a button that says “Ignore”. How can I do that when I click Ignore, the popup stop showing? Because even if i close it, it still appears while the value of the tag is > than the specified value

You need to make sure your code that opens the popup only run once. If it runs continuously when the condition is true, it will reopen the popup. If you share exactly what you are doing so far, it will be easier for someone to help with more detailed how-to information, if needed.

You have to store your state in another persistent variable somewhere that remembers that you clicked Ignore. And check that persistent variable when new values arrive (new events) to decide whether to show the popup and whether to reset that variable. Or perhaps store your custom “alarm” in another (boolean) property or client tag, and show your popup when that boolean changes from false to true.

I wrote a script in Project - Client Event Scripts - Tag Change.
With a “if” clause, when the value >30, my popup window shows up.

That’s the problem. You’ll get an event when the tag goes from 30 -> 31, which will fire the popup. Then another event when the tag goes from 31 -> 32, and another popup. It can even go from 32 -> 31, and you’ll get another event and popup. The problem is that you are watching the tag itself change, and checking the value. What you need is to compute an “alarm” status boolean, and watch that change. A boolean client tag that does your comparison would suit.