Closing a connection on the AS400

I followed the support article in order to connect to a AS400 using the JT400 driver. And after some firewall issues, it went quite smoothly. (

The local IT prepared some tables for me to read, but apparently, whenever they want to change the schema of those tables, f.e. add a new column (which requires a full lock), they cannot execute it as apparently I have locked the file.

To release the lock, it’s not enought to just disable the database connection, I also need to restart the complete Ignition service.

I found some articles online about hard-closed and soft-closed cursors, about differences between row locks and table locks. But as I’m not managing the created cursors, I wonder if it’s possible to release the locks from my side.

Does anyone know how the locks can be released? Either from my side, or by a command on their side.

I have a connection to an AS400 db using the same method you referenced. I have been connected to it for over a year and I haven’t had any complaints from IT about being unable to alter any tables. Maybe I have been lucky with the tables I read not needing to be altered. As far as I know, I have not experienced this issue.

So you’re not using special connection properties (just the naming=sql;errors=full as mentioned in the article)?

And no other special settings like transaction isolation?

No, I did not change anything it is just like you said. Again, it may just be that the tables that I query have not needed to be altered for the problem to have been discovered. The tables do have changing information without a problem, but I don’t think that any of their structure has been changed.