Closing a window in Designer

I was creating a new window where I copied several items from other windows I had opened. After about an hour of coding I finished, tested and was happy :thumb_right:. I then went to close the windows I copied from and accidentally clicked the one I was working on. The commit changes dialog came up. I did not want to close this window so I just clicked the upper right hand ‘X’ thinking it would cancel out of the close process. Well, I lost quite a bit of work :cry: .

OK, I admit this feature request is to prevent my own future stupidity :blush: , but…

Would it make sense to add a ‘cancel’ button to the dialog box for situations like this? I usually click ‘yes’ to commit then re open the window but for some reason I wasn’t thinking and just clicked the ‘X’.


Agreed - I did this for 7.3.