Closing popup view closes docked view

In Ignition 8.0.13 Perspective I have an issue: when I close my popup view, it also closes a docked view.

The dock is on the left side of the screen and popup on the right. They have different identifiers. Both have a custom close button, one is configured to close the dock the other is for the popup. Closing is via “Configure actions” -> “onClick”->“Dock”->“Close” and “Configure actions” -> “onClick”->“Popup”->“Close” with identifiers provided.

I made the close button in the dock first and then copy-pasted it into the popup and changed the “Configure actions” accordingly.

It is quite annoying, since there should be a way to have the dock stay open when I close my popup. Could you please look into it.


This obviously shouldn’t be happening, but I need a lot more information to determine if it’s Perspective or your implementation.

The easiest way to determine this is to provide me the View which opens The Popup, the View which closes the Popup (if different from the one which opens the Popup), the View used in the Docked View, and a screenshot of the Page Configuration with the Docked View’s settings exposed. Or a project export, which would be much easier.

It looks like you might have re-used some components but not “cleaned” them when recycling them. In your Popup, there is a Flex Container (FlexContainer_4) which has an onClick Event which targets the settings Docked View. Remove this onClick Event and your problems will go away.

This Flex Container is almost identical to a Flex Container in the Docked View itself, so it looks to me like you copied the Flex Container from the Docked View and forgot to remove this Event, or update it to close the Popup instead.

To help in diagnosing this in the future, I used the Designer’s Find/Replace tool to search for the id used to manage the Docked View: “settings”. In the following screenshot, you can see the entry which led me to the offending Event.

I confirmed locally that removing the listed event the Docked View behaves as expected.

Thank you

I just made another Dock from scratch and it behaved like I would expect. So it was my definitely my implementation.

Thank you for finding my mistake.

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