Cloud architecture: Round Robin Poll, Cell Tower, Satellite, or Secure VPN settings


The manual for Cloud based architecture of Ignition mentions:

“The server can connect to the PLCs at the remote or customer sites via Round Robin Poll, Cell Tower, Satellite, or Secure VPN.”

Is there any specific settings window within Ignition gateway page where the Round robin/Cell tower/Satellite configuration can be done?

I did not find more information on this anywhere, just wondering if there is any settings window where we can set the polling rate for Round robin poll etc. Where can I find the settings for these in the trial mode?

PS: New to Ignition, still learning the platform. Not intended for any specific use case.

Those aren’t specific technologies inside Ignition. Those are (vague) descriptions of ways you could use external technology/tools to connect to a cloud-hosted Ignition gateway securely.

Do also note that most branded PLC communication protocols are very badly impacted by network latency. Which is why subscription-based protocols like OPC/UA and MQTT are vital to cloud deployments.

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