CLR type Stored Procedures, didn't show in Transaction Group

Had this earlier today, Running 7.2.9 Ignition on a 32bit Win2003 machine.

Database connection was to a MSSQL 2005 database.

Trying to use a CLR type Stored Procedure, wouldn’t show up as an option in the Transaction Group(stored procedure type) dropdown.
All the other Stored Procedures the acct had access too would show up.


Even though it does’t show up, have you tried typing it in manually and testing it out?

yeah, We got an error regarding not finding the variable types.

I’m not sure what the solution to this is. At some point, all data types have to get mapped to JDBC types, and I’m not sure how that would happen here. Is it possible to create a wrapper procedure that uses simple types and then calls the more advanced procedure?


We did that yeah.

Still, would be nice for native support of the CLR type. :smiley: