Cluster / Redundancy / Database Indication

We are using two identical servers in our configuration. Clustering is set up through FPMI. Redundancy is set up though FPMI. There is also a MYSQL database server on each machine which failover in the event one of the machines fail. I am wanting to try to do two things.

  1. Display the cluster status for FPMI, redundancy status for FSQL, and hopefull the database connectivity status on the PMI screens.
  2. Use Alerting in PMI to generate alarm messages if one node in the cluster is down, the FSQL warm backup is not available, or the database has failed over.

Anybody done this before or have any ideas?


FSQL status:
I queried the fsql_responsibility table for the node_ip based upon the responsibility state to determine which node was the master and which was the backup, additionally select the node_state and the project_state to see that they are running and active.

Thanks to Bobby’s help, I got a script that goes out to the gateway addresss and then the cluster map page. I search for master and member for each node and determine that status that way.

Do basically the same thing as FPMI except this time look at the datasources tab and determine the status from there.

I added a global script event that runs every 15 seconds that calls the FPMI script and the database script and then just writes the status returned to a database tag.

Thanks for posting your solutions back here, that is helpful.