CLX driver accessing wrong items in nested arrays

In my PLC (Softlogix v17) I have a recipe structure that a section which is an array of arrays. The OPC-UA server is returning values for elements different than I am requesting. For example, if I subscribe to the tag Recipe.Step[0].SubStep[1].Value I get the value that is actually in Recipe.Step[1].SubStep[1].Value.

Here’s a pic of the OPC quick client subscribed to some tags, along with the value shown in RSLogix for the same element, and the element the OPC server is actually reading from.

The pattern I’m seeing is that array indices are being added together as you go from the sub-elements back up the chain to the base tag. I’m also using Ignition 7.3.4.

Currently we don’t support SoftLogix processors. I know there are a few customers that use SoftLogix but currently you will have to connect using RSLinx or Kepware.


This was also happening in all ControlLogix and CompactLogix processors.

Version 7.4.3-beta2 resolves the issue that should be on the download page late this afternoon. If you have the latest release version of Ignition 7.4 you can just update the Allen-Bradley driver module.