CNCs G-code interpreting

Has anyone worked with reading g code information off of a CNC controller in ignition (or something else that would allow me to pass it into ignition)?

its possible to pump the mtconnect data into ignition. But not sure if G Code can be accessed with mtconnect. What do you want to achieve thru reading it in Ignition?

G-code is just a text based format.

So it’s not clear if your issue is with reading the data “from the CNC controller”, or interpreting the data.

Reading the data will depend on the protocol you can use, and you certainly didn’t give enough information for that.

Interpreting the data depends on the level you want to go to. At its simplest form, you can just display the G-code as text. But if you want to process it, you’ll probably need to do some scripting, or find a python library (compatible with Jython 2.5) that can parse and write G-code. Though given the number of dialects, this will also depend on the brand and features of the CNC machine.

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