CODE128 Barcode..always decoding a D when scanned?

When printing a CODE 128 barcode, everytime we scan the printed labels the very first digit is decoded as a D?

Are we missing something or is this normal?

For example, I input the data for the CODE128 barcode 1234

When scanned, we get D1234

Perhaps we are missing a setting on our scanner itself?


I’m not seeing the same thing, so I’m guessing there’s something in the scanner.

I’d check to make sure that the scanner is set up for a straight CODE 128 and not a variant, like GS1-128

Some scanners can send a “prefix” string ahead of whatever it reads.

There was something else in the back of my brain, but I can’t quite get it to the front of my brain to tell you what it was. :scratch:

The Yellow Jacket USB scanner I was playing with had a “programming” bar code book that would allow things like automatic prefixes and suffixes (like typing “enter” or “tab” after each scan). It might be a matter of programming or resetting the scanner itself.