Some affordable technologies for web accessible plc.
Can anyone else add more to this ? Other brands?

That looks pretty slick. I’m curious about it, but don’t have any useful experience to provide.

I’ve used their SoftPLC package with Kuka robots back in the day. Ran under VxWin. The neat thing was that even if (and/or when) Windows blue-screened, the SoftPLC kept running.

CoDeSys is an implementation of IEC61131-3 by 3S Software, a German company.

It is licensed to a number of companies around the world. Go to the CoDeSys web site and check.

They charge by the runtime, and nothing for the development software. Their development system compiles the IEC code to run on the target hardware.

Target hardware runs from ARM based stuff, to PPC, to x86.

Since the IEC code is compiled to native machine code it runs very fast.

At some point OPC-UA will be a part of CoDeSys. Implementations from Beckhoff and Bosch Rexroth already support it.

I have Ignition talking directly to an OPC-UA server in a Bosch Rexroth motion controller.

I have Ignition talking to a CoDeSys OPC server, which inturn, talks to multiple Bosch Rexroth motion controllers.

Like Ignition, you can download a Demo of CoDeSys. The runtime runs two hours at a time and can be reset as often as desired. The included runtime runs underneath Windows.

I hope this helps.