Coding standard/style for Ignition script

Like to know if there is literature for the coding standard/style of the ignition script language.

For JAVA, there is coding style like (for example)
Also there is static tools for JAVA codes like (for example)

Thank you

Ignition uses jython, which is an implementation of python. Unlike most popular languages, python identifies control structures (if, for, while, …) by indentation. So style is constrained by the rules of the language. This was very much intended by the inventor of the language.
For all practical purposes there is no style guide, because it’s not needed.

There is a style guide, but by writing code that has valid syntax you’re mostly forced to follow it:

[quote=“Kevin.Herron”]There is a style guide[/quote]Interesting. I never noticed that PEP, even though I’ve browsed them before. Based on a quick skim, I’m a baaaaad boy.

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Hi Thomas,

I created a programming style guide for Ignition projects. You are free to use it. See it at this link: … guide.html

Also, I am happy to receive any comments or suggestions about it.


Thank you all for all the valuable feedback and references.